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4:00pm 07-22-2014
Gayle westrum
Uplifting....excellent musicians!
12:32pm 07-04-2014
Dennis Naumann
We LOVE your music.  Just saw you again last night at Leo & Leona's.
12:06pm 04-13-2014
John Morris
Awesome band.  We saw you at Leo's last Sunday.  Great job on Steam Powered Aereoplane.
12:09pm 12-21-2013
Norm & Diane Dippel
You are amazing  musicians!  Your Christmas concert at the Pump House
was outstanding -- it really showed your talent!  Thanks for the listening
pleasure and laughs at all your concerts.
7:57am 12-15-2013
Vern Riddle
Saw you last nite, 12/14/2013, at Leo's and Leona's in Newberg Corners.  FANTASTIC! concert.  It was the best 2+ hours of musical entertainment I can remember.  Loved the way you've combined Bluegrass with jazz.
9:29pm 09-15-2013
Brad Johnson
Saw you guys @ Soldiers Grove.You guys are awesome!! Such an inspiration to other musicians.You have truly honed your craft.We watch to see when you will be playing again and  save the date.
7:00pm 09-14-2013
Tina Thomas
Love String Ties!!!
6:36am 07-14-2013
Lois Machotka
Saw you at Viroqua, what a pleasure! Thanks
9:19pm 04-28-2013
Kim and Al Petersen
Another great show Friday night, guys. Such a pleasure to have fantastic live music so close to home. And we really are saving you some Poblano plants, Dan!
10:54pm 12-20-2012
Steve Hertz
Great performance at the Pump House tonight!
6:31pm 12-16-2012
Kim and Al Petersen
Thanks so much for that great concert last night! The fun you guys are obviously having radiates throughout the whole room. We will make this a yearly tradition. Thanks again and have a great holiday season!
11:49am 12-16-2012
Thank you very much for wonderful Christmas concert last night  It has become a family tradition for us and look forward to it.  A great way to get into the Christmas spirit!!!  Happy Holidays!!!
11:14am 12-16-2012
Lee Retzlaff
Wow Tom!!!  All of these years of knowing you and I didn't realize your greatness. It's more than just talent. Your ability to play 'your' music with the people (band) around you with such a mesmerizing affect...maybe you won't change the world...but you (guys) make a difference in peoples lives! I'm lucky to have known you in another capacity and know that you have touched lives in other ways than just your music. You are truly a good and great man. Proud to know you,
ps: now get me on that mailing list !
2:12pm 11-04-2012
Mike Banks
I'd like to be on your email list. I've missed a number of your Leo/Leona gigs, as well as others, and have regretted having to hear about it from friends a few weeks later.
12:17am 09-17-2012
Daryl Beier
Some friends of mine invited my wife and I to go to attend the Driftless Area Art Festival in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin yesterday.  I’m so glad they did!  Shortly after arriving, I heard a bluegrass band plucking their instruments (tuning up) while they were setting up their PA/sound system.  I had a feeling this band was going to be good before ever hearing them play together as a group … so I walked on over to the main tent where they were about to perform.  After I listened to the first few chords and the first few notes had been struck, I knew I was in for a wonderful and very enjoyable bluegrass musical performance.
If you like bluegrass music, then you’ll love String Ties!  This outstanding group of pickers dazzled their audience with very tasteful and tight instrumental arrangements and bluegrass vocals. Their combination of musical prowess and tight vocal harmonies proved this group, in my opinion, to be the best of its kind in Wisconsin. The String Ties Band members love playing music.  They love what they do.  They’re entertaining … and they use their wit and humor to create good, wholesome, family fun.  String Ties repertoire is fabulous and includes an eclectic variety of music, that is not limited to just Bluegrass, but also includes Old-time Country, Swing, Folk and Gospel.  
For what it’s worth, I come from a musical family background.  My sisters and I and a 1st cousin, became musicians as early as age ten.  By the time we were in high school, our family band began performing for churches, weddings, community events, rodeos, county and state fairs.  Eventually, we added more talented musicians (a sister’s husband and two friends).  This led to our group playing for large concert halls, arenas and auditoriums … opening up for and backing up a number of famous, nationally known music artists and entertainers.
Again … String Ties Is GREAT!  String Ties ENTERTAINS!  They’re an extremely talented group of individuals that are sure to be a hit at any event!  Thank you for doing such a SUPER JOB!  I thoroughly enjoyed your performance.  
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